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Bowenwork - A New Paradigm for Healing

Who Can Benefit from Bowenwork?

Bowenwork is safe for everyone young and old as well as for acute or long-standing conditions of all kinds.

    "The body has an amazing ability to heal so if it is not healing it is stuck. Bowenwork® releases the body where it is stuck so it can quickly find its way out of pain and back to health."  Dan Amato,  retired Instructor of Bowenwork

Physicians and patients alike embrace Bowen Therapy. See comments from doctors below:

Gerry Townsend, MD refers patients for Bowen Therapy who are suffering from acute and chronic conditions that have not responded to traditional treatment, including myofascial pain syndrome, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or fractures.

Audrey Butko, MD considers Bowen therapy to be a blessing in her practice because of its simplicity, results and patient satisfaction. It has nearly eliminated her need to use cortisone injections.

Christine Staub, MD a family physician with a special interest in the treatment of chronic pain, has seen the Bowen Therapy "unlock the door" for patients who reach an impasse in their pain treatment. She says "I am thrilled to have Bowtech as a resource for my myself, family, friends and patients, and am committed to using it as a first line treatment whenever possible."

JoAnne Whitaker, MD was facing a hip replacement and back surgery when she discovered Bowen Therapy. After treatment, not only was she able to walk, she went back to playing golf... without surgery. She was so impressed that she flew to Australia to train in the technique and now treats patients with ailments ranging from bunions to heart disease. According to Dr. Whitaker, "Bowtech is the single, most important hands-on healing technique in medicine."

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