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Bowenwork - A New Paradigm for Healing


    Welcome to the Minimum Dose Bowen Clinic official website. We'll begin with a simple explanation of what Bowenwork can offer you.

    Bowenwork uniquely engages the body’s own vitality to promote health and well-being. It does this by utilizing ”the body’s richest sense organ,” the fascia (as described in the attached article by Tom Myers author of Anatomy Trains) to "balance the autonomic nervous system or ANS which controls  more than 80 percent of our bodily functions."1 Fascial continuities traverse the body from head to toe and skin to bone lining muscles, organs and tissues; or ribbons of fascia, as I like to think of them, envelop trains of muscles.

    Unlike massage, this technique accesses the nervous system via the fascial network with gentle rolling movements on the skin over muscles, tendons and ligaments something like rolling over a string on an instrument. These moves are done in various combinations and sequences with an approximate 90 second pause between sets of moves to allow the body and brain time to incorporate this new information.

    Once fascia is stimulated, the brain and nervous system are enlisted to reset muscles to their resting state. In the process, energetic blockages can be released which opens more possibilities to healing.

    This simple process is known to address multitudes of conditions including those involving back pain, sciatic pain, TMJ issues, auto and sports injuries, arthritis, migraines, pelvic imbalance, PMS, plantar fasciitis, Bell’s Palsey, Parkinsons, digestive and respiratory problems to name a few.

    Within the Bowen community addages used are, “Every body is better with Bowen” and “Bowenwork returns the body to it’s original blueprint.” Bowenwork can be very grounding to the nervous system and the effects  lasting.

    Please continue to check out this growing website for more information about the benefits and history of the Bowen technique developed by Mr. Tom Bowen of Geelong, Australia. We hope you will try this unique healing system and see what possibilities it opens for you.  We welcome your call and can be reached in Tucson, Arizona USA at 520-325-8081. 

     Cynthia Bruwer has been practicing Bowenwork since 2000, is fully accredited with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia since 2003 and is a participating member of the Bowenwork Academy USA. She attended the University of Minnesota and Winona State University's Rochester, MN campus, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, her training and work experience at the Mayo Clinic facilities and hospitals in Rochester, Minnesota. Along with Bowenwork, her interests include preventive medicine and nutrition.

1 Accelerated Healing Response by Dan Amato , Advance for Physical Therapists, October 22, 2001, p.1

2 Fascia The Body's Richest Sense Organ by Tom Meyers,  Massage and Bodywork, November/December 2010, p. 49-5 


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