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Bowenwork - A New Paradigm for Healing

Services and Rates


  • Investing in Bowenwork is an investment in your health
  • The cost of a Bowenwork session at the Minimum Dose Bowen Clinic is $65.00 at our midtown location. 
  • A session runs approximately 90 minutes for history, evaluation and Bowenwork.
  • "Every Body is Better with Bowen"

     To Prepare for Your Bowenwork Session:

  1. Please wear loose or stretchy clothing. This will allow me to accurately contact your skin during treatment. It is particularly difficult to work through restrictive clothing such as hose, girdles, tight blouses, or jeans. You may wish to bring along a pair of lightweight or stretchy shorts to put on before your session.
  2. It is recommended new clients schedule two sessions, one week apart. This sets in the foundation of the work. Afterward, you are free to create your own appointment schedule based on your progress. Bowenwork can remain active in the body for five days or more, so we will rarely schedule less than five days apart.
  3. Please take it easy for the rest of the day after your appointment. You may even want to take a nap. By avoiding stress and strain for the rest of this day, you give your body the freedom to continue repairing.
  4. During the weeks that you plan to receive Bowenwork, please do not receive other body work such as chiropractic or massage. Other bodywork modalities run the risk of "shouting out" this quiet work, and I'd like you to get your money's worth. If you must receive other forms of bodywork, please schedule your appointments no less than five days before or after your Bowenwork sessions or in alternate weeks.
  5. Bowenwork can work very well in conjunction with homeopathy.


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