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Note:  While the terms "treatment", "patient", "diagnose" and "treat" may be used in other countries or in other modalities, Bowenwork® practitioners in the United States neither diagnose nor treat.  We assess and address.  And we do not see patients, we see clients. 

Chronic Back Pain of 35 Years Gone Two Sessions

To whom it  may concern,                                                            3/23/03

This is my testimony concerning my experience with Bowen therapy.

I have had back pain for more than 35 years, since my time in the military service where I received an injury to my lower back. I have seen many doctors and tried many medications to relieve my pain. At times I was not even able to walk or even move.

The good news is as of 2 years ago I had my first experience with Bowen therapy. I was very leery about this treatment, but to help my good friend and neighbor with her training I tried it.

To my surprise and I mean to my surprise, I have never felt so good since my injury.  No more pain and this happened just after only 2 treatments. To this day I have not taken any medication therapy, I am able to work, walk and move freely with little or no pain.  Now after 2 years I am still free of pain.

Many thanks to my good friend and neighbor Cindy.

Your friend,

Al Levy

Back Pain Gone After Two Sessions

Dear Cindy,

I had been suffering from back pain for a couple of months. Finally, it became so painful to work, that I decided I needed help from someone else besides me trying to help myself with heating pads and ice packs.

My sister suggested I call you. I'm so thankful that you were able to take time to help me. The treatment that you gave me, which you call Bowen, was a life saver for me.  I went for two treatments and have not had pain in my back since. 

Thank you for taking care of my pain.


Angie P.

Chronic Migraine Headaches Gone After Forty Years

Dear Cindy,

As someone who has always been a bit skeptical about alternative, non-traditional types of therapy for various ailments and pain relief, I take pleasure in writing this account of my personal experience with the Bowen Technique.

I had been suffering from chronic headaches since grade school, over forty years. With daily preventive use of a beta blocker and an analgesic, I managed to keep the headaches pretty well under control for about the past twenty years, except for the occasional one that "got through", averaging about one severe headache a month; that is until recently.

Since my two Bowen treatments, administered nine days apart in June of this year, I have had no (that is zero) headaches whatsoever, severe or otherwise.  In addition, I have been able to reduce by half the amount of medication I used to control the headaches.  I have little choice but to give the credit to Bowen.

Besides eliminating my headaches, the total treatment left me invigorated and with a feeling of overall wellness, a feeling which persists to this day.

Please accept this letter as my thanks to you for your initial concern and evaluation of my condition, and as an enthusiastic endorsement of the Bowen Technique and your expert and professional care in administering the Bowen. Thank you again.

Gratefully yours,

Jack Hoffman

Equine Bowen

I just wanted to check in with you to let you know Shima is doing well. My ferrier was just here and said Shima looks like a different horse. He said he may refer you to some clients. I said how relaxed Shima was around you and that you took your time and you were great with him. I would like to schedule with you again soon.

Lots of Blessings,


Equine Colic Resolved

On arriving at the ranch to treat another horse, we were told it was a sad day at the ranch as a horse was seriously sick with colic and would be put down that evening if not improved. My offer to see if Bowen might help was accepted.

A general Bowen treatment was given followed by specific colic "moves". Just as the last "moves" were being completed, I felt a huge release inside the right pelvis, perhaps at the ileocecal valve, as my free hand was resting on the horse over that area. Shortly after, the horse walked over to get a drink of water, was good for the night and went home the next day with a happy owner.

Grave Back Spasms Gone In One Session

To whom it may concern,

I came to see Cindy Bruwer for Bowen therapy because I had very grave back spasms.  They were so severe that I was unbalanced and fearful about driving because they were unpredictable.  I could not cross my legs.  I could not sit comfortably.  I was worried that I might need surgery.  I was an anxious person.

After one session I was completely relieved of these problems. Now, weeks later the spasms have never returned.  My posture is improving and my whole demeanor is changing for the better. I am calm.

I drive a low car and was considering selling it because of my back spasms.  However, since I have had the Bowen therapy, this has ceased to be troublesome.  I no longer need a new car and am enjoying my car again,

I am grateful for the treatments and the care.

Yours truly,

Richard Bosch

Pain Relief with More Active Life

To whom it may concern,

I am a 57 year old woman with many health problems, which include sciatic, neck, shoulder and leg pain, low energy, mood swings, allergies and more.  Over the past 30 years I have tried a myriad of medical and altenative therapies with some small successes.  Bowen Therapy has been especially effective for my body pains with longer lasting effects than chiropractic or any other therapies I have tried.  The main difference for me is that after Bowen treatments I not only have relief from pain, but am able to live a more active life without constantly reinjuring muscles as in the past, just from performing normal daily activities.  The treatments have also positively effected some of my other problems as well.  I would recommend Cindy as a caring and thorough health professional as well as the Bowen Therapy for a wide range of health problems.


Janeen Casper

Recuperating "Computer Nerd" Builds Concrete Wall and Moves 11 Tons After Bowen Therapy

To whom it may concern,

Two years ago I received a series of Bowen Technique treatments from Cindy Bruwer.  Before these treatments I was in considerable pain.  A fall from my roof onto concrete three years earlier, and two almost successfull surgeries left me with a trashed right foot.  I'd been on crutches for a year with the foot in various casts, then hobbling around off-balance with the foot encased in a protective boot.  The sustained erratic walking led to a stress fracture in my left femur and degenerative osteoarthritis in the left hip.

These  more recent injuries did not help my spine, which has looked like an S-curve since an automobile rollover twenty years earlier.  But I could live with that stuff; occasional chiropractic treatments kept my back pain at manageable levels. What sent me to Cindy was a left arm that had stopped working, either as a result of three separate fractures, or because forearm tendons had not connected properly to my plastic wrist components.  Although three years earlier I could bench press 180 pounds (on a good day with women watching), when I started receiving treatments from Cindy I could not pick up ten pounds with my left arm.

Cindy did her treatments, which seemed to me rather strange and far too simple to do any good.  She included a few exercises which I performed sporadically, and offered recommendations for rest which I mostly ignored.

During her treatments I undertook a construction project: building a concrete wall along one bank of a wash adjacent to my home.  Cement trucks could not reach the area, so I did the job by loading 60 and 80 pound bags of ready-mix into a small pickup, hauling them to the site 16 bags at at time, with my broken foot still trying to heal up and the femur stress fracture that I didn't know about at the time.

The total mass I carried and pounded into place was 16,200 pounds dry, plus 3 tons of rock, dirt, and re-bar--roughly 11 tons altogether; no big deal for a fit young man, even in midsummer.  But I was a 160 pound computer nerd, beat up from falls and car wrecks, with 58 years of less-than-graceful age, who had spent most of the previous three years recuperating in beds and soft chairs.

The finished wall is 1 foot thick, 50 feet long and 6 feet  high at the deep end of the wash, and thanks to Cindy's extremely competent healing work I'm feeling pretty good.


Terrel Miedaner

TMJ Problem Gone


Your last TMJ adjustment worked great! Haven't had a problem since.

Terrel Miedaner


Back on Track

I am very fortunate to have been given a Bowen treatment by Cynthia Bruwer. I went to see her for a calf injury I had 10 days prior to one of my biggest track competitions of the year. I was almost certain I would have to withdraw from the competition as a result of the injury. As a professional track athlete competing at the highest level, having optimal health is vital to success. I went to see Cynthia not knowing what to expect from the Bowen treatment. It sounded very gentle and I was certain at worst I would end up feeling more relaxed. Her treatment was remarkable. Not only did the pain in my calf go away, I felt a sense of balance and renewed strength. I was able to compete and I won the Boston Indoor Games running one of the fastest times of the year. I will be forever grateful to Cynthia for that Bowen treatment. 
David Krummenacker (World record holder 800 meter dash)
Bell's Palsey Relieved
My symptoms began with the feeing of tightness in my left cheek.  Then the muscles controlling the corner of my left mouth seemed weak as I had no control over the corner of my mouth.  Also, the outside of my left eye began to droop as if the muscle was not working.  No symptom ever appeared on the right side of my face.  All the while I was hoping no one would notice.
Cynthia and I have been friends for many years.  One afternoon, while we were visiting, she assessed my condition as soon as she took a good look at me.  She said she believed Bowen would help. As I was really becoming concerned about my condition, I had a treatment, though I was not yet aware of the benefits of Bowen.
After just one Bowen treatment and less then a weeks time, all of my sympoms disappeared; completely gone. I cannot explain the relief I felt as I have family members with Bell's Palsey, including two grandmothers, who were unable to find any help for their symptoms.

Augustine Martinez

Great improvements  1/16/15

ok see you friday, looking forward to it... i've noticed some great improvements in my functioning, i think you've really got something there, thanks!

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